First month blogging report

So, on February 1, 2018 I started this blog by purchasing a domain name!  I was a complete beginner (as in, I had never heard the words “hosting” or “wordpress,” beginner!)  So I had pretty low expectations of myself for starting out.  I literally didn’t know how long it would take to purchase a domain name or how to choose hosting. Once I had both of those things, it took me an hour to connect them!  I’ve come quite a long way since then and I’m quite proud of how much I have learned.  I still struggle with every. single. thing. relating to the site itself.  So here it is the full…

First Month Blogging Income Report


If you don’t know me yet, I’m a stay-at-home mom to a super fun toddler, so I only get to work at naptime and after bedtime, but I do it 6 days a week for a minimum of an hour, but usually more like 3 hours a night. 


I really don’t have an interest in being a blogger who blogs about blogging, but I know how helpful it was for me to read from other new bloggers about their goals and experiences.  I also believe that there is power in writing things down and sharing them with the world!  Will this be a regular thing?  Probably not, but that’s okay.  Hopefully it will help you to learn a bit about one clueless person’s experience with starting a blog and it will inspire you that if I can do this, literally anyone can create a platform to write and have their voice heard.  


You’ll notice that I don’t have any goals about income.  Honestly, this wasn’t a big concern of mine starting out, I just wanted a place to say what I have to say and create something useful and helpful.  This is still a brand new blog, so why should it earn money before it’s content has value?!  Income will be a goal in the future, but it’s difficult to place goals on it since I still don’t know what I don’t know and how long these things will take.  

Here are the goals

that I wrote for myself for February, they seemed really high at the time, but I worked hard every single night and achieved them really fast, so there is a second set of goals that I wrote on the 9th of the month

  • -Launch blog WIN it’s out there!  Looking ok, some mistakes i’m still working on it
  • -Set up social media channels WIN facebook, instagram, pinterest and twitter, although they are blank and I’ve never used twitter before today
  • -Launch 3 posts WIN first one was a welcome post though
  • -Create email subscriber list with welcome email WIN want to update this
  • -Fill out 1 pg business plan WIN
  • -Write about post WIN but I want to make it better
  • -Pin 30 pins WIN
  • -Take 1 blogging ecourse WIN
  • -Comment on 3 blogs or send emails to bloggers WIN apparently this is a thing
  • -Set up 1 way for the blog to make money.  Affiliates? Adsense?  What are these things? WIN 


Even just a few weeks later, I laugh at my cluelessness.  I also noticed that as I achieve each step, I then immediately have something in mind that I can do better, do next, or try again.  On the 9th I wrote myself new goals for the rest of the month since I achieved all of these quickly (not easily though).  

  • Launch 8 total posts (5 more) WIN if you count this one!
  • Have a list of 10 possible post titles WIN I have way more
  • pin 20 more pins WIN I changed my mind and converted my personal pinterest to business, so I have 5,000 now
  • verify website on pinterest WIN this took me forever
  • take one more free blogging ecourse WIN 
  • make a facebook post WIN I learned that you can schedule them ahead
  • take photos of myself-don’t have any! FAIL 

To anyone who has been blogging for more than 5 seconds, these goals probably seem very small.  “Verify website on pinterest” seems pretty easy, but I had to learn what this meant and how to do it!  For me each one of these has been a small victory and I’m actually proud of what I have done and I’m enjoying doing it!

Other site stats:

  • February Pageviews: 43
  • Visitors: 23
  • Income: 0

There are pinterest and facebook stats that I know are much more important than followers, but I’m not really sure which ones are important and how to use that info yet.

Top posts:


I’ll share with you a few things that I have learned this month and then share my goals for March…..

I learned: 

-That blogging is super hard!  I’ve read a lot of blogs (who hasn’t) and it seems so simple, you just type something and put it on your website!  But when you have never set up a website before, everything is a challenge.  I wanted to learn everything myself, so I kept trying and researched everything.  I’m sure that there are some great courses out there for starting a blog and there are even people who will do it for you, but I enjoyed the challenge of saying “I made a website,” plus I did it in the most economical way that I could.


-That done is better than perfect-I’m pretty sure that there will ALWAYS be things that I want to improve about this site and my content, and I’m going to keep making those changes, but I think that blogging can quite easily lead to paralysis of the analysis.  You can only learn so much through reading and watching other people, you really have to do it and make mistakes in order to do better.  No matter how much I read, I don’t think that my first try could be any better, but my next update/revision/post/idea will be even better than the last.

-That I don’t know what I don’t know, and that’s okay.  I’m trying to balance learning from experts, who truly know everything more than I do, and doing it my way.  If I just do everything I think that I should do, or that someone tells me that I should do, this blog really won’t be mine.  I want to continue enjoying the challenge and not become a slave to what I “should” be doing.  While I am excited to learn, ignorance is also bliss, and I’m happy doing my best with what I have.  Tomorrow I will know more, and do better

-That it’s okay to be at 0, but not to stay there.  Zero pageviews, zero likes, zero followers, zero posts.  I’ve seen the number zero a LOT this month, but that’s okay.  I can’t have any less than I already have, so why not go for it?!  I have nothing to lose!  There have been equal parts freedom and frustration with those zeros.

March goals:

I’m proud of my first month, but going forward I really have no idea if I’m setting my goals high or low.  I’m going to try to set them high so that I have something to reach for, but I really don’t know how difficult any one task will be until I try to achieve it!

  • Take photos of myself
  • Update the look of my blog and social media pages: new featured images, clarify descriptions, look into a new theme
  • Create an opt-in freebie for my email subscriber list-any ideas for this one?
  • Send 2 email newsletters
  • Post 2x per week (8 posts)
  • Pin every day/find out what tailwind is
  • Join 10 pinterest group boards
  • Take 2 blogging ecourses
  • Learn what affiliates are
  • Increase pageviews by 50%
  • Set up a gravatar
  • Comment on 3 other blogs each week (someone told me I should do this-is this how you make blogging friends?)
  • Do the challenges learned from the Jeff Goins webinar
  • Learn some about how to use facebook and instagram for business
  • Post something on instagram
  • Get a pageview every day of the month
  • See if updating ads so they don’t look so ugly is possible


What do you think?  Can I do it?  Is there something else that I should add?  What questions do you have? because I have a lot!

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