Simple toddler Valentine card

Hey there!  I wanted to do something super simple and cheap and fun this year for Valentine’s day.  A card from my 1 year old to my husband.  There’s always the old-standby of putting a photo of her on a blank card, but I think that this is more special because it’s something she made, and it was even easier than ordering prints and driving to walgreens! WIN!

You will need:

  • paper
  • construction paper
  • painters tape (optional)
  • toilet paper rolls
  • tape
  • tempera paint
  • plate
  • glue (not pictured, but tape works)

1. Secure

regular paper with painters tape.  I do this with every single toddler art project.  If the paper is not held down, my daughter always rips it up! Confetti art is fine sometimes, but this is a craft that we actually wanted to keep. I prefer to use painters tape because it is strong enough to hold the paper in place, but gentle enough to peel off of the paper without ripping it.

2. Make heart shapes

from toilet paper rolls.  Place 2 creases along the length of the toilet paper roll going the same direction.  Secure the top of the heart with tape.

3. Put tempera paint on the plate

4. Go get your toddler

5. Get to stampin’!

I helped too, it was pretty fun and I was surprised how good it looked

6. Finish up!

I simply folded construction paper into a card and cut a section of our stamping for the front and one for the inside.  I wrote a special Valentine’s Day message from Emmy to Daddy!

Are you doing Valentine crafts this year?  Let me know in the comments!

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